Current Issue Sgts/Constables Cap

Traffic Constables Hat

Current issue Traffic Constables hat ( male) with White cover


Current Issue Woman Constables Hat

Inspectors Hat

Current Issue Hat for Inspector rank, note different cap badge

Woman Inspectors Hat

Current Issue Female Inspectors Cap

Superintendent/Commander Rank

Current Issue Superintendent and Commander s Hat, not gold braid on visor

Deputy Commissioners Hat

Current Issue Deputy Commisioners hat note different type of Gold Braid

Commissioners Cap

Current Issue Commisioners Cap

Public Order Helmet

Current Issue Public Order helmet, worn during riots and civil disorder

Tactical Firearms Unit Beret

Worn by officers of the Tactical Firearms unit (Armed)

Mounted Branch Helmet

Worn by officers on mounted ( Horse) patrol

COL Police Reserve Commanders Hat

Cap worn by the City of London Police Reserve Commander

Beat Duty Helmet 1934

This helmet was worn by Constables in 1934

Current Issue Beat Duty Helmet

This type is the Public Order type helmet and reinforced for officer safety.

Current Issue Beat Duty Helmet for Sergeants

Note that the helmet badge has only two numbers on it.. usually signifies the rank of Sgt, Constables have three numbers

Current Issue Inspectors Beat Duty Helmet

Note that the Badge is completely black

Traffic Officers Motorcycle Helmet

This comes with in helmet communications equipment, ie Microphone and speakers, which are plugged into the comms system on the bike

Traffic Officers Helmet

The front of the Helmet lifts so the officer can speak with the public without having to remove his helmet first

The City of London at Night

Photo by Mark Fairhurst

An Aerial View of the City of London

Photo by M Fairhurst