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City of London Police Whistles


There have been several different styles of whistles, which the City Police have used over the years. The City from 1886 up until the late 1980’s used a metal type of whistle. Some had a brass finish and some white metal finish. Today the City Officers are still equipped with whistles but they are made of plastic. Most of the City Police Whistles have the name of the Force stamped on them as well as the manufacturer name, J. Hudson and Co. Birmingham. Some examples also have a serial number on the top cap of the whistle. Other examples also have a number stamped which is assigned to the particular officer. Another example which was issued by J. Hudson was stamped City of London Police Reserve. The whistles were suspended from a brass chain from the second button of the Officer’s Tunic.

City of London Police Reserve Whistle (Fig.66).

Other various styles of City of London Police Whistles (Fig.66b)


City Police Whistles- There are several British manufacturers that supplied whistles to the City of London Police; J. Hudson & Co,  A.De Coury & Co, Barrall to name a few. I have photos and descriptions of each of these three manufacturers below. 



1) This London City Police whistle, is stamped with

Control number A267. It has the J. Hudson & Co. address stamped 13 Barr Street Birmingham. This address indicates it was manufactured between 1888-1909.



2) This London City police Whistle, is stamped with control number 2512. It has the J. Hudson address of 244 Barr Street Birmingham. This address indicates it was manufactured from 1909 onward to about 1937. This whistle has a patent#5727-08 stamped on the top cap.


3) This London City Police Whistle, has no control number nor patent number but has the same address 244 Barr Street Birmingham. 1909-1937.


4) This whistle is stamped J. Hudson & Co.

Barr Street Hockley Birmingham. The stamping indicates this particular whistle was made in about 1937. This key tag , was used by the City Police. It offered a 2/6 reward to the finder! Also attached to the whistle is the key to the Police Box!


This London City Police Whistle was manufactured by A. De Courcy & Co. in 1900 for the City Police. Occasionally the top cap is stamped with a number, this example is not.


6) This City Police Whistle was manufactured in Birmingham by John Barnall between 1886-98. This whistle was made in brass. There was also a Barnall whistle that was stamped specifically London City Police.


7) Current Day Metropolitan Whistle stamped London City Police, Made in England.


Police Rattle

Early Example of a Police Rattle- Some forces stamped their initials on the body or handle, but most did not. The City and Met Police, used rattles for over 50 years, but in 1884 it was felt that the rattles had become old-fashion and cumbersome so converted to whistles. As well the sound of a whistle could be heard approximately 800-900 yards, more than double the distance that the sound of a rattle carried.




City of London Police Rank Epaulettes


Civilian Support & Special Constable




Constable pre 1970  &    Constable Current  (Fig.67a)


 Sergeant & Acting Inspector      (Fig.67b)


Inspector & Chief Inspector            (Fig.67c)


Superintendent & Chief Superintendent     (Fig.67d)


Commander,Assistant Commissioner & Commissioner   (Fig.67e)



City of London Police Medals


City of London Officers has been awarded various orders and decorations over the years. A great number of City Officers fought for King and country during both the first and second world war and therefore received the appropriate medals which they were entitled to receive. However there have been a few medals, which are specifically issued to City of London Police Officers.


Queen’s Jubilee Medal 1887


This award was issued to all ranks of the Police Force who were on duty at the Jubilee procession on 21st June 1887. As the procession took place in London, only members of the City of London Police and the Metropolitan Police were eligible for the award. The medal was issued in bronze, with only 872 Medals being awarded.

As a result these medals are quite scarce. Recipients of the medal who were later on duty on 22nd June 1897,received a clasp for the medal which read “1897”. A total of 485 Bars were issued for the 1887 Medal, and 535 Bronze Medals were issued for Officers on Duty that day.

The ribbon was dark blue. The Officer’s rank, divisional number and last name are engraved around the rim on the medal.  (Fig.68



Coronation Medal 1902


This medal was issued to commemorate the Coronation of Edward VII. The medal was issued to officers of the City of London who were on duty during the official celebrations on the 9th of August 1902. Again the medal was issued in silver, with only five being issued to Senior Officers. There were 1060 bronze medals awarded. The ribbon is red   with a thin central blue stripe. The Officer’s rank, divisional number and last name are engraved around the rim of the medal. (Fig. 68a)   


Coronation Medal 1911


This medal was issued to mark the coronation of George V on the 22nd of June 1911(1400 medals were issed to City of London Officers).  However unlike the other medals, which were only issued to officers on duty the day of the celebration, this medal was greatly extended to cover a great diversity of recipients from other forces other than just the City of London and Metropolitan Police. As well the recipients did not have to be on duty the day of the celebration. The medal was issued for all ranks in silver, and the ribbon is of red, with three thin blue stripes, one in the center, and one on either edge. The officer’s rank, divisional number and last name are engraved around the rim of the medal. (Fig. 68b



Police Long Service Medal


This medal was instituted in 1951, and is still issued today. The award is presented to officers who complete 22 years of service in any United Kingdom Police Force and is not specific to the City of London Police.

The medal is cupro-nickel is always issued with the officer’s Rank, and both names. Where no rank is mentioned, it is assumed that the recipient is a constable. The Police force is not listed on the medal.

The ribbon is dark blue, with two white stripes at each edge. (Fig.68c)


City of London Police Swimming Medal


An example of other medals and medallions issued by the City Police to their officers is a City of London Police swimming club medal. One example which I was fortunate enough to acquire was issued to P.C. Barker 108B for the quarter mile standard time in 1935. The time the officer had in the quarter mile was 9 minutes, 8 2/5 seconds. The medal is silver and has red enamel on the front and the above information engraved on the back. (Fig.68d,e)





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