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City of London Mounted Police


The City of London Mounted branch has a long and illustrious history, stretching back to 1873. Mounted branch Officers and their horses work a nine-hour shift, providing coverage seven days a week. Officers play a similar role to that of their foot patrol officers dealing with the same range of complaints. Their particular advantage lies in their height, size and visibility. The current Mounted branch consists of seven horses and nine staff (Seven Constables, one Sergeant and a civilian groom) The horse’s ranges in size from 16.2 hands to 17.2 hands and is varying breeds and colors. All of the horses, each make a valuable contribution to policing within the “One Square Mile”. The City of London Mounted Police horse bridal badge is brass and is mounted on a brown leather piece below the horse’s head (Fig.61).

The City of London Police also uses a beautifully embroidered and padded badge on their Horse blankets. This badge is over 5” x 6” in size and is thickly padded and is a stunning piece (Fig.62)

The City of London Mounted Officers wear an equestrian style helmet with the identifiable red/white checkered band around and a Senior officer’s style hat badge on a black metal oval piece which is attached to the helmet (Fig.53    


City of London Buttons


The City of London Police has always had their City coat of arms on their insignia and their buttons are no exception. The early-blackened buttons were worn on their winter style over coats. (Fig. 63a)

 While most of the town forces as well as the Metropolitan Police adopted a white metal button, the city force adopted a brass button with the City of London coat of arms on them. The Constables and Sergeants used the City Shield with St. Paul’s sword in the top left corner (Fig.63b).

The Inspectors and Superintendents wore a brass button with the City shield, dragon supporters on either side, Saint Paul’s sword in the top left corner and the City Mottos “Domino Dirige Nos is on the garter on the bottom. (Fig. 63c) 

 The early buttons were manufactured by Firmin & Sons London.  In the late early 1980’s, the City Force converted over to a gold anodized aluminum button. The designs stayed the same however with the anodized metal, this saved the officers from having to continually polish their buttons. Constables and Sergeants anodized buttons (Fig.65a).

Inspectors and Superintendents anodized buttons (Fig. 65b).

 The Assistant Commissioner and Commissioner of the City Police use a beautiful two tone polished button (Fig.65c).


City of London Police Uniforms


There have been numerous different styles and variations of uniforms worn by the City of London Police since December 25, 1839. I have several examples of the more current uniforms worn by the City Police. A brief description of each uniform is as follows;


Early 1980’s patrol Constable

With the blue shirt, which was worn during this time.  (Fig. 69)


Current Sergeant Uniform

With the white shirt, which is worn currently

(Fig. 70)


Current Patrol Constable with the fluorescent jacket

Worn at the City of London checkpoints for high visibility (Fig. 71)


City Police Woman’s uniform 1980 era.

Today women Officers wear a uniform very similar to that of their male counterparts with the exception of the red/ white cravat, which is worn in place of the black tie. (Fig.72)


City Police Woman’s Inspector's uniform.

This tunic is a current style City of London Woman’s Inspector’s tunic. The tunic is complete with the red/white cravat.Today women Officers wear a uniform very similar to that of their male counterparts. (Fig.72)


A 1930’s era City of London Constable Uniform

with high collar tunic, with brass numbers and buttons and the brass ceremonial belt. A similar uniform is still worn today by the ceremonial guard at the Lord Mayor’s banquet and other events at the Guildhall. (Fig. 73)


City of London Police Reserve Commander’s uniform

. This type of uniform, was worn by the Reserve Senior Officers during both wars. The Reserve unit supplemented the regular officers who were greatly depleted during both world wars. (Fig. 74) 


Special Constabulary Constable’s uniform

Worn during the blitz in World War Two. Both the Police Reserve and the Special Constabulary greatly assisted the regulars during both world wars. (Fig. 75) 

Ceremonial Inspector’s uniform

. This very nice tunic was worn up until the late 60’s by an Inspector in ceremonial dress. This outfit was worn with the Inspector’s ceremonial helmet and plate(Fig.13A). There is black bullion on the jacket sleeve cuffs and the buttons are black bullion acorns. There are brass Inspector’s pips on the shoulders to signify the rank.(Fig.76)

City of London Police Traffic Officer's Outfit .

Uniform has the full leather boots along with the leather motorcycle riding pants. Leather jacket is beneath the florescent hi-visibility safety jacket which has the red/white duty band on the left sleeve. The helmet is a “Sonic’ flip up visor helmet with the radio cord to attach to the motorcycle. (Fig. 77) 


City of London Commissioner's No.1 Dress Tunic.

This tunic has the high collar with the gold bullion and velvet collar devices with the City Police Commissioner’s buttons. There is a gold bullion aiguillette on the right epaulette and sleeve with the gold and bullion Commissioner’s rank badges on both shoulders. The black and gold dress sash adorns the waist of this beautiful tunic. This particular tunic was worn by Commissioner Marshall between 1977-1985. 


City of London Commissioner's Court Dress Uniform.

This beautiful outfit has the high collar tunic with the gold and black bullion insignia. There is the gold bullion aiguillette on the right epaulette and sleeve. Gold and black bullion shoulder boards adorn the tunic with the Commissioner’s rank insignia and Commissioner’s screw down buttons which hold the shoulder boards onto the tunic. The sleeve cuffs are adorned with gold acorns and bullion on velvet inlaid cuffs. The black wool pants have gold leaf on the seams of the pants which are worn with the congress boots and gold spurs. Under the jacket is worn a gold metal sword belt. The black and gold dress sash is also worn around the waist of the tunic. The white gloves are white soft leather officer’s dress gloves. The Commissioner’s Bicorn (Cocked Hat) finishes off this beautiful outfit. The City Police ACPO button can be seen on the right side of the hat. The Bicorn has the white and black feather plume adorning the hat! This particular outfit was worn by Commissioner Kelly between 1985-1991. 



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