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"The" site for the Collector of City of London Police Memorabilia

The aim of this site is to assist  those who collect or have an interest in the City of London Police.

Be it Police Helmets and Hats, or just Helmet and cap badges, uniform or cloth insignia, Collecting Police Memorabilia has been a growing hobby for many years, and each year see's more and more collectors coming into the hobby as people realise that we are losing a fascinating part of our cultural history, no matter where you are from.

The City of London Police are responsible for  policing the Financial centre of London in England, a small force numbering some 821 Officers in total. A substantial amount of their funding comes from the Corporation of London.

Police insignia from the City of London has always been very difficult to obtain. This is partly due to the fact the City Force is quite small in comparison to their neighbors, The Metropolitan  Police.

It is also a known fact that the Force has always kept very tight control of all of their insignia and equipment. The City of London Police is a very proud and unique organization. Anything from the force that polices the “One Square Mile” is highly sought after by collectors! 

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If you have any City of London Police items for Trade or sale please feel free to email me as I am always interested. You can always check out my Trades and for sales!

Photo Album

Look at my  photo album filled with pictures from my collection of City of London Police Uniform, Hats and Badges


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