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City of London Police Hat Badges:


Due to the fact that the majority of the earlier City of London constables wore only a helmet there are very few of the regular rank City of London Police George VI hat badges in existence. The ones that are in existence seem to fetch a very good price. (Fig. 18)


A proper City of London badge is voided and there have been several non-voided version, which have been passed off by dealers as genuine. (Fig. 19) 


A brass voided badge with an EIIR crown was made in 1952. (Fig. 20)

The current EIIR version City of London Police hat badge is voided but is anodized metal (stay brite) (Fig. 21)


A George VI Senior Officer’s two-piece gold voided badge with a blue enamel ring was issued for wear by the Inspector’s and above. (Fig. 22) 

The current EIIR Senior Officer’s two piece gold voided badge with a blue enamel ring was issued in a anodized metal (Stay brite) (Fig. 23)


An EIIR black voided badge was issued for wear by the Tactical Firearms Group (TFG) for wear on their black beret. This badge is the same as the current constable badge but is baked black. (Fig. 24) 


A standard Officer rank hat badge on a black plastic or metal half-oval backing plate was worn on some motorcycle helmets in the early 1980’s. The same style badge was issued to the Mounted Officers in the 1990’s.

There have been two styles of transfers worn on the City of London Police Motorcycle helmets. One is a colored version of the Officer’s hat badge and the other a reduced version of the City of London Police door decal as seen on the City Police cars. (Fig. 25)     


City of London Police Reserve:


During the First World War, many City Police Officers volunteered for the armed forces and the City of London Police Reserve, consisting largely of Special Constables, assisted those that remained in their duties.  During World War two, the City Police were once again assisted in their duties by the Police Reserve, by the Special Constables and in addition a force of War reserves who were men over the age of 25 who wished to serve in the Police rather than the armed forces.


There were three styles of “Button Badges” issued to the City of London Police Reserve during the war years. The red enamel version was issued to the Reserve Constables, the blue enamel version was issued to the Reserve Sergeants and the white enamel version was issued to the Reserve Inspectors. (Fig. 26)

Gold Bullion hat badges were issued to the senior officers in the City of London Police Reserve (Reserve Inspectors to Divisional Commanders) (Fig.26A)

 The City of London Police Commissioner during the war years wore a distinctive bullion cloth woven hat badge. An example of this badge was worn and is also displayed.

(Fig. 26B)



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