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City of London Police Cloth Insignia: 


In 1951 the City of London Police started the City of London Police Cadet program for young people interested in a career with the City of London Police. These people wore a similar uniform to the regular Constables however they wore a black cloth patch on either sleeve with the words City of London Police Cadet. This program no longer exists today, and the patch is quite sought after. (Fig. 36)



City of London Police Traffic Warden


Prior to about 1992, the City of London Civilian Traffic Wardens were associated with the City of London Police. Since this time, they no longer are associated with the City Police, and are now employed by the Corporation of the City of London. An example of the epaulette they wore along with their hat badge is also displayed (Fig. 88)


Sweater Patches:


There have been four styles of sweater patches worn by the City Police.

The first style was a full size “bell shape” embroidered patch. (Fig. 37)


A full size bell shape patch similar in size to the original patch was produced and worn in a woven style patch Later a square woven version of the patch was made for wear on the Gortex jackets. (Fig. 38)


Later a square woven version of the patch was made for wear on the Gortex jackets. (Fig. 39)


Currently the patch worn by all members of the City of London Police is a smaller version woven patch. (Fig. 40)


A full size version with a small banner attached to the bottom was embroidered for the Tactical Firearms group with the Officer’s divisional numbers below. It is not known if this was produced by the Force or by members of the Tactical Unit. (Fig. 41)


City of London Police Card Warrant Badge:


From 1990 onwards, a Warrant Badge was produced and issued to the Officers in the City of London Police. The badge is about 5mm x 5mm in size. The badge is the city shield enameled in red and white, "Domine Dirige Nos" in gold on a black scroll. The badge is mounted in a leather wallet and the Officer’s Warrant card and photo, is visible inside the wallet in a plastic sleeve. The wallet can be worn for identity in the officer’s shirt pocket if required while in plain clothes. This is a very colorful and stunning badge. (Fig. 42)


All items from the City of London Police are very difficult and hard to come by. Hopefully this site will give you an idea of what City insignia is in circulation. This is definitely not all that is out and available in private collections the world wide. The City of London Police museum is also an excellent source of information and very interesting and informative.

I am by no means an authority of the insignia of the City of London, but I do have a great interest in displaying and preserving the history of the City of London Police. Several fellow collectors have also been very helpful with information pertaining to this site, and I wish to thank them. I am sure you know who you are and I could not have done this without you!

City of London Police Belt Buckle 


City of London Police Buckle- This buckle is worn by Officers in No#1 Dress, who perform ceremonial duties at the Guildhall and the Lord Mayor’s Dinner. It is worn with an old style black leather belt. There appears no makers markings on the brass buckle.


Ceremonial Guard

This badge is worn on the left cuff of the No#1 Dress Uniform of the Sergeant of the Ceremonial Guard. This City crest, is only worn on the left cuff sleeve of the only Sergeant in the unit who is in charge of the Ceremonial Guard.



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