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City of London Special Constabulary Insignia:


 Between 1936-1949, a small brass shield with the city crest and the words Special Constabulary was first issued for wear on the forage hat for the Special Constable. This badge was later worn for a short time by the special constabulary as a collar badge. (Fig. 27)

 Between 1949-1954 a George VI (King’s Crown) Voided hat badge was issued to the Specials, which read City of London Police Special Constabulary, this badge was made of brass. (Fig. 28)


Senior Officers in the special constabulary wore a two piece George VI voided brass badge which had a blue enamel ring. (Fig. 29)


Brass shoulder titles, which had the letters CLSC were issued during this time for, wear on the uniforms. From 1936-1949, collar badges were issued to the Special Constable’s to be worn on their tunic collars. They were issued for each division in letters A, B, C, D, E, M (Motorized) in brass with oak wreaths surrounding the letter. (Fig. 30)


Between 1949-1952, special constables were issued with the gold letters A, B, C, D, and E on a bar over SC. (Fig. 31)


Some time later a small black special constabulary cloth patch with gold lettering was worn by the specials on either sleeve of their jackets.

The specials were issued badge for their epaulettes it was a king’s crown above SC in brass. Currently a queen’s crown version over SC in gold anodized letters is worn by the specials. (Fig. 32)    



City of London Special Constabulary Button Badge

 This small king’s crown  lapel badge was worn by the City of London Special Constables on their lapels. The badge was used between 1936-1952 and is hallmarked JR Gaunt London. (Fig. 87)




Between 1954-1980 a Queen’s Crown EIIR version brass voided hat badge was produced and worn. (Fig. 33)


From 1980 to late 1998 the Special Constabulary wore an anodized style (Staybrite) hat badge. (Fig. 33A)


Since 1998, the special constabulary has worn the same hat badge as the regular Constables.


From 1980-1998 the special constabulary senior officers wore an anodized two piece voided special constabulary officer’s hat badge again with a blue enamel ring. (Fig. 34)


Since 1998 and currently the city of London Police officers hat badge is worn is worn by the special constabulary senior officers. 


Special Constabulary Helmet Plate:


 For the safety of the City of London Special Constabulary the force began issuing a “Public Order” style reinforced helmet to the Specials in 1994.

The Special Constable’s helmet is identical to that of the regular officers. The helmet plate is the same as the regulars with the exception it has the letters SC (Special Constabulary) on the trefoil disc where the regular officer’s divisional letter and number usually is located. (Fig. 35)



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